Order and cleanliness as well as occupational safety are important points for you? Then you are in good hands with our wet paint products for maintenance and repair as well as marking. We would be pleased to introduce you to the stripping varnishes and also marking paints in more detail.

Abziehlack als Schutz in der Lackierkammer
Abziehlack als Schutz in der Lackierkammer

Peel-Off Coating

The work suit for your paint shop. They optimally protect the surfaces from contamination.
Abziehlacke sind einfach von der Wand abzuziehen

Dust Binding Lacquer

Special varnish with permanently adhesive surface to absorb flying dust and dirt particles.

What can not go wrong ...?

Tips & Tricks

Faults are not always as obvious as the lack of lightfastness of the colors in this toy. It is only colorful in the invisible, light-protected zone. But not where it counts: in the visible area.



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