Tumbling Lacquers

Tumbling Lacquers – special lacquers for fast and cost-effective coating of small wooden parts using the tumbling application process.

Product details

Tumbling is part of the business

The tumbling coating is a special process for painting small wooden parts (e.g. furniture handles, toys such as building blocks, puzzle pieces or even brush woods, carnies, curtain rings and technical wooden articles) in a rational way, i.e. quickly and economically. It is a special form of application for which the appropriate plant technology must be available.

You can colour your wooden parts like game pieces, balls, components, bottle caps and more with our water dilutable stains and then paint over them with the tumbling lacquers. Everything is possible here, from matte to high-gloss surfaces. You will achieve the desired finish in gloss level and durability.

You can choose between water dilutable and solvent-based systems as well as between 1Pack and 2Pack-systems.



  • no labor costs for attaching the parts (unlike spraying or dipping)
  • no paint loss due to overspray
  • the whole process (smoothing, colouring, coating) can be done in the drum
  • very flexible: different surfaces can be achieved with one coating system depending on the number of coats (matt to high-gloss)
  • for inexpensive mass-produced goods, cost savings due to staining (wood color shades) and varnishing in a single operation

For small parts that are subsequently decorated with pictures (e.g. puzzles, cubes, etc.), we recommend the HeatTransferPrinting-process (HTP).


Wood lightening by bleaching (information is available on request) increases the color brilliance of colored parts.


Are you looking for transparent or coloured tumbling lacquers? Tested and suitable for the coating toys?

Whether you are a tumbling expert or want to use this process for your manufacturing.
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Zuelch tip

Expensive injection molds, printing rollers, matrixes and other high-quality and sensitive surfaces are safely and reliably protected during transport and storage with peelable lacquer.


The objective of this training is to understand the various applications and requirements of stripping varnishes. How are they applied and where is their location?



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