Anyone can be colorful. The true values are deeper. Zuelch is the specialist in the development, manufacture and distribution of functional paints and coatings for industry.

We stand for innovative products of impeccable quality – especially in the flexible development of special solutions for industrial applications.

Abziehlack als Schutz in der Lackierkammer

Peel-Off Coating

The work suit for your paint shop. They optimally protect the surfaces from contamination.
Abziehlacke sind einfach von der Wand abzuziehen

Dust Binding Lacquer

Special varnish with permanently adhesive surface to absorb flying dust and dirt particles.

Marking Paint

Safety and order through colours for marking.

1Pack / 2Pack-Primers

For multilayer structures, but also protection of simple parts.

2Pack Top Coats

Topcoats either with primer or as single coats - so-called monolayers or single coats.

Annealing varnish

Prevents scale formation during stress-relieving annealing of steel components.

Metal effect paints

Metal effects with the spray gun - fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Dip coatings

Dipping is one of the most efficient processes, as there is practically no paint loss.

Spray coatings

Special tested paints for special parts.

Tumbling Lacquers

Tumbling Lacquers - special lacquers for fast and cost-effective coating of small wooden parts using the tumbling application process.

Hot barrel lacquers

Small parts made of wood, plastic or metal can be painted in the hot barrel.


ThermoTransferPrint is the alternative to decoration by screen printing.

Stain Concentrates

Stain concentrates are universally applicable, environmentally friendly and especially suitable for toys.

Colour Concentrates

Universal color concentrates to colorless Zuelch lacquers. For both waterborne and solventborne paint systems.

What can not go wrong ...?

Tips & Tricks

Faults are not always as obvious as the lack of lightfastness of the colors in this toy. It is only colorful in the invisible, light-protected zone. But not where it counts: in the visible area.



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