Peel-Off Coating

The work suit for your paint shop. They optimally protect the surfaces from contamination.
Abziehlack als Schutz in der Lackierkammer

Product details

Colloquially, our peel-off coatings are also called protective coatings, paint films, liquid films or peel-off coatings. As diverse as the names are, so are the application possibilities.

With our water dilutable peel-off coatings, you can temporarily protect your machine and plant technology. In this way, you significantly reduce the subsequent cleaning effort. The use of cleaning agents, e.g. solvents or paint strippers, is eliminated, as is mechanical effort such as sandblasting or ice blasting.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • lower personnel costs due to fast application with airless system
  • shorter downtimes due to easy removal of residues
  • easier work and better quality due to bright and clean booths
  • Less scrap due to the optimum combination of peel-off coatings and dust binding laquers for spray booths, combi-boxes and drying zones (higher “first-run OK rate”)
  • Environmentally friendly and safe, because without harmful or aggressive substances

The areas of application are very diverse. The main application is in paint booths. There you can protect your walls, glass panes, lamps, plexiglass areas and also the floor accordingly.
Of course, in paint mixing rooms, you can also protect any areas where adhesives, foams and other materials drip with peel-off paint.

In addition to the wide range of water dilutable systems, solvent based peel-off coatings are also available. These have their application in water-sprinkled paint shops or in electroplating, where they are used for masking.

Apply, peel, repeat

Even rapidly soiling production equipment, such as gluing presses, printing lines, etc., can be protected cost-effectively with peel-off coatings. Peel-off coatings are also successfully used for painting and maintenance work.

In short:

  • crystal clear and fully transparent: for panes, lamps, glasses, lights
  • up to 80 °C continuous temperature for spray booths with drying, e.g. autorep
  • water washable: for textured surfaces
  • electrically conductive for floors in EX areas
  • solvent resistant
  • special chemical and thermal resistance: for masking in electroplating
  • fast drying and waterproof: for water-sprinkled coating systems

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Zuelch tip

Expensive injection molds, printing rollers, matrixes and other high-quality and sensitive surfaces are safely and reliably protected during transport and storage with peelable lacquer.


The objective of this training is to understand the various applications and requirements of stripping varnishes. How are they applied and where is their location?



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