1Pack / 2Pack-Primers

For multilayer structures, but also protection of simple parts.

Product details

For multi-layer structures, but also as a protective coating of simple parts, we offer various primers.

You can choose between

  • 1Pack and 2Pack-Primers
  • Welding primer
  • Primer
  • Zinc phosphate primers
  • Zinc dust paints

Mostly in the classic shades of white, light gray and reddish brown, but also according to individual customization.

The primers can be overcoated with a wide range of products from our program. They are available as solvent based and, in several variants, also as water dilutable systems.


2Pack-Epoxy or 2Pack-PU-Primers
Have good corrosion protection properties on iron and steel and show excellent adhesion, even on critical substrates such as zinc, aluminum, etc.
Typical applications are general mechanical engineering, agricultural machinery and vehicles, as well as other coatings for interior and exterior use.
But also in plant engineering, e.g. equipment made of steel and iron such as drill pipes, threads and pipelines, your parts are optimally protected.

Coatings with this primer show very fast physical drying and maximum elasticity and impact strength.

At a glance
Very good corrosion protection properties on iron and steel
Excellent adhesion even on critical substrates such as zinc, aluminum, etc.
Very good chemical and water resistance
Temperature resistance up to max. 140 °C


Zinc phosphate primers
Solvent based primes for iron and steel substrates
Fast drying
With good filling capacity and good corrosion protection
Resistance to hydraulic and gear oil up to 150 °C


Questions about the primer? We will be happy to answer them for you.

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