Prevents scale formation during stress-relieving annealing of steel components.

Product details

During the production of castings and welded structures made of iron and steel, stresses occur that must be eliminated by an annealing process. This forms a layer of scale, which must be removed after annealing.

OSTROTHERMOL-Anti-Scaling-Lacquer is applied after surface cleaning and before annealing.
This coating silt prevents the entry of oxygen during subsequent stress-relieved annealing, thus preventing the formation of scale.

Special feature:
The scale layer, which can be removed after annealing at great expense in terms of material and working time, can be prevented. This results in energy and resource conservation.

Anti-Scale-Lacquer – in a hurry

  • Apply before annealing
  • Prevents scale formation after stress relieved annealing
  • No need to remove the scale layer after annealing
  • Energy and resource efficient
  • Can be used as a primer
  • Temporary corrosion protection for transport


You don’t want tinder? Try our Anti-Scaling-Lacquer.

Zuelch tip

Expensive injection molds, printing rollers, matrixes and other high-quality and sensitive surfaces are safely and reliably protected during transport and storage with peelable lacquer.


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