Children’s toys: natural, colorful and durable

These are qualities that your customers appreciate and make it easier for you to sell.
However, toy coatings are also a matter of the heart for us, and we have had them in our product range for decades. For the industrial manufacturers of wooden toys, board games and children’s toys of all kinds, we offer there the various stains and varnishes for drum but also spray application. We have our products regularly tested by an external testing institute to ensure that the products comply with European legal requirements. As a customer, the corresponding test certificates are available to you .
EN 71-3 , PAH, phthalates, organotin compounds, ASTM – these are not foreign words for us, but quality control in practice.

You see – with our products we bring you one step further on the way to the tested toy. This means that you can have your finished toy or component subjected to an overall test with a clear conscience.

Dip coatings

Dipping is one of the most efficient processes, as there is practically no paint loss.

Spray coatings

Special tested paints for special parts.

Tumbling Lacquers

Tumbling Lacquers - special lacquers for fast and cost-effective coating of small wooden parts using the tumbling application process.

Hot barrel lacquers

Small parts made of wood, plastic or metal can be painted in the hot barrel.


ThermoTransferPrint is the alternative to decoration by screen printing.

Stain Concentrates

Stain concentrates are universally applicable, environmentally friendly and especially suitable for toys.

Colour Concentrates

Universal color concentrates to colorless Zuelch lacquers. For both waterborne and solventborne paint systems.

What can not go wrong ...?

Tips & Tricks

Faults are not always as obvious as the lack of lightfastness of the colors in this toy. It is only colorful in the invisible, light-protected zone. But not where it counts: in the visible area.



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