Mechanical Engineering

As an industrial coatings factory, we naturally also offer coatings for mechanical and plant engineering. A standard off the shelf is rarely found in our country. We specialize in finding a solution for your individual requirements. In this way, we adapt the industrial coatings to your requirements and can thus ensure that a material suitable for your product and application technique is available in terms of color shade, gloss level, electrostatic (ESTA) settings, but also viscosity and stability.

1Pack / 2Pack-Primers

For multilayer structures, but also protection of simple parts.

2Pack Top Coats

Topcoats either with primer or as single coats - so-called monolayers or single coats.

Annealing varnish

Prevents scale formation during stress-relieving annealing of steel components.

Metal effect paints

Metal effects with the spray gun - fast, efficient and cost-effective.

What can not go wrong ...?

Tips & Tricks

Faults are not always as obvious as the lack of lightfastness of the colors in this toy. It is only colorful in the invisible, light-protected zone. But not where it counts: in the visible area.



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