Stain Concentrates

Stain concentrates are universally applicable, environmentally friendly and especially suitable for toys.

Product details

Lightfast pigments turn these water dilutable stain concentrates into brightly coloured stains that guarantee lasting brilliance and luminosity.

Stain concentrates and its possible applications
Whether colour design on wood, paper, cardboard or textiles – suitable for all absorbent substrates.
Non-absorbent surfaces, e.g. painted wood, MDF, plastics, metals, etc. are unsuitable for staining.

Stain concentrates are ideal for toys and coloured furniture.
But also for colourful, technical items such as brush woods, picture frames, brush handles and much more.

You want safety?
ENOLIT-Toy-Hydro-StainConcentrates are especially suitable for toys and are tested accordingly according to EN 71-3:2021-06, phthalates, PAH etc..
Test reports are available upon request.

Are you looking for a specific colour tone?
Whether RAL and Pantone, but also NCS or HKS – we are familiar with them.
Our 19 standard colour tones are intermixable. Thus, we can get creative and work out your desired shade.

Stain concentrates and its advantages

  • very concentrated and therefore highly productive
  • any dilutability with water
  • creative color design due to miscibility of all ENOLIT-Toy-Hydro-StainConcentrates
  • 19 standard colour tones are the basis for a wide range of colours
  • specially adjusted also for processing in the tumbling process
  • maximum flexibility due to universal application (dipping, brushing, tumbling, spraying etc.)

And then….
For optimum abrasion resistance as well as welding and saliva fastness according to DIN 53 160, we recommend transparent topcoat.

You see
from design to prototype to series production – a consistent color system!


How colourful can it be for you?
We show you the world of colours…..

Zuelch tip

Expensive injection molds, printing rollers, matrixes and other high-quality and sensitive surfaces are safely and reliably protected during transport and storage with peelable lacquer.


The objective of this training is to understand the various applications and requirements of stripping varnishes. How are they applied and where is their location?



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