Error prevention

Faults are not always as obvious as the lack of lightfastness of the colors in this toy. It is only colorful in the invisible, light-protected zone. But not where it counts: in the visible area.

What can not go wrong ...

A service company was performing maintenance on a beverage vending machine. To make the bottles glide better on the metal rails, they were sprayed with silicone oil. Within five hours, extreme paint defects (silicone craters) occurred in the paint shop four floors away. This is one example among many that shows how sensitive today’s high-tech coating technology can be.

The devil is in the details

Remains of an adhesive paper impregnated with silicone oil from which an adhesive label has been peeled off.

Seals used in production plants should be free of silicone: This is the only way to prevent contaminants from diffusing out of pores and capillaries.

The same applies to specifications for greases and lubricants, which should be silicone-free for use in painting technology.

However, hand creams and other skin protection products also often contain silicones or fats that lead to coating problems. We will be happy to name special skin protection products that do not cause painting problems.

Processing aids such as drilling fluids and lubricants as well as lubricating and welding sprays can also be a source of error.

Sometimes it takes almost meticulous criminalistics and a lot of experience. Talk to us so that we can find errors together faster or even better – avoid them right away!