ThermoTransferPrint is the alternative to decoration by screen printing.

Product details

ThermoTransferPrinting (TTP) is the innovative alternative to decoration by screen printing on wood, metal and other temperature-resistant substrates. Ideal, therefore, for parts such as game boards, trays, puzzles, (children’s) furniture and all plan parts to be decorated.

Complete images with an “infinite” number of colour tones in photo quality are transferred in a single step – without register problems, without intermediate drying, immediately ready for packaging.


The parts are pre-treated in 1 – 3 coats white or transparent, depending on the surface.
After drying, the parts can be printed in TTP.

Extremely abrasion resistant

During the printing phase, the dye penetrates the coating (sublimation). Thus, the image is not on, but in the coating and is therefore extremely scratch and abrasion resistant.

Additional benefits of ThermoTransferPrinting:

  • Also suitable for small parts (e.g. puzzles, dice etc.)
  • Transfer of the complete images in a single step
  • Possible with appropriate drum varnishes
  • Have extremely high mechanical and chemical (acetone resistant!) resistances
  • You are able to deliver faster with reduced stockholding
  • They store the painted, unprinted parts and print only when the order is received. Use TTP for streamlined manufacturing and innovative design!
    For your own tests, we send you sample parts and paper – or we print your parts.

Zuelch tip

Expensive injection molds, printing rollers, matrixes and other high-quality and sensitive surfaces are safely and reliably protected during transport and storage with peelable lacquer.


The objective of this training is to understand the various applications and requirements of stripping varnishes. How are they applied and where is their location?



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