In the recent past

2001 – Zülch becomes Zuelch

Due to the expanding international business we change our company name to Zuelch Industrial Coatings GmbH on 01.03.2001. Now it also works with the internet address…

2005 – Always on the move

After intensive research work, the water-dilutable alternative to the previous solvent-based corrosion protection coating can be presented.

2009 – Zuelch looks back on 50 successful years.

Inauguration of the new laboratory building on 25.09.2009 with a tour of the plant

With foresight, the foundation stone was laid in 2008 and the research and development capacities are to be increased by a new laboratory building.

A total of 8 laboratory positions will be created. Rooms for training facilities and additional offices were also added.

2012 – Inauguration of the warehouse on 14.09.2012

The 600 sqm new building offers space for 800 pallets.

The new warehouse gives the company the opportunity to now stock a much wider range of waterborne products, a variety of raw materials, more waterborne finished products and – with appropriate agreements – special products for individual use.

The newly designed and covered loading area now allows loading and unloading regardless of the weather.

2014 – Investment in the environment and energy efficiency

Installation of the new heating, filtering and ventilation system

The installation of the new heating, filter and ventilation system, which cost 150,000 euros, promises cost and energy savings through better heat recovery and a higher filter efficiency. This is visible for all to see in the new container-like control cabinets as well as the almost ten-meter-high stainless steel chimney.

2018 – Green electricity

We are converting the entire operation to green electricity and setting up a wallbox for charging e-cars.

2022 – Photovoltaic system

After a long delivery time, we were able to put our 118 modules with 44 KW peak into operation and thus cover a large part of our energy supply.