Planned economy live

(… and without color) A letter to the editor from the Sächsische Zeitung in 1949

Order on 22.10.1948, delivery on 17.02.1949; four months of bureaucracy for about 70 kg of paint!

“One can understand if the men from the nationally owned Wehoma-Maschinenbau in Tharandt are angry. After all, they need paint to paint their newly manufactured machines.” On October 22, 1948, they requested a total of 70 kilograms of varnish paint, thinner and model varnish on VB 25.

On November 19, 1948 (!), the order was (already!) approved by the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce, but Lackfabrik Coswig (VVB) was unable to deliver. On December 31, all commodity checks expired. It was: wait for new regulations. In the meantime, the Tharandt team obtained a delivery commitment from Coswig.

On January 26, 1949, this pledge was submitted to the state government. The latter declined. Tharandt is scheduled to be in Leipzig, he said. This time, however, Leipzig could not deliver. Lightning talk with Mr. Schneider, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the state government: “Leipzig can’t deliver!” Mr. Schneider: “Submit a new VB 23 form.”

On February 1, this happens, with courier. This is followed by a message from SIK: “Paint can be picked up at Zülch & Skerl, Leipzig!” – Zülch & Skerl inform us: “First deliver empty containers. Then you will be informed when you can pick up the paint. We can’t deliver now!” (!) Immediately afterwards Zülch & Skerl inform: “Release certificate for color withdrawn by Fachkontor Chemie”.

On February 11, 1949: advance of our scouts at the SIK.
On February 14, 1949: release certificate for Coswig.
On February 17, 1949: delivery of the paint to us.

The two-year plan is to be fulfilled ahead of schedule, overheads are to be reduced! Impossible with such a tangle and pace.

People’s Correspondent P.