In the recent past

2001 – Zülch becomes Zuelch Due to the expanding international business we change our company name to Zuelch Industrial Coatings GmbH on 01.03.2001. Now it also works with the internet address… 2005 – Always on the move After intensive research work, the water-dilutable alternative to the previous solvent-based corrosion protection coating can be presented. 2009 […]

In the 90s

ISO 9001 The already existing quality management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001 by TÜV-Cert under the number 08/100/1790. Specialization and internationalization Due to the specialization of the product range and increasing internationalization of the business, contacts exist in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, […]

In the 80s

Purchase of the present premises. In 1985, the company moved into the completely rebuilt and renovated premises in Friedrich-Ebert-Straße in Lerbach.

In the 50s

Escape from the GDR In 1952, the Zülch family fled the then GDR, and the company was nationalized in the following years and integrated into the “Vereinigung Volkseigener Betriebe Lacke und Farben” (LACUFA Group). New start in the West In 1959, the company Eckard Zülch GmbH & Co Lackfarbenfabrik was founded in Osterode am Harz […]

Planned economy live

(… and without color) A letter to the editor from the Sächsische Zeitung in 1949 Order on 22.10.1948, delivery on 17.02.1949; four months of bureaucracy for about 70 kg of paint! “One can understand if the men from the nationally owned Wehoma-Maschinenbau in Tharandt are angry. After all, they need paint to paint their newly […]

In the 40s

Bombing In 1945, almost all production and auxiliary buildings were completely destroyed in about 12 minutes. Only the administration remains heavily damaged. In 1947 the company participated again as an exhibitor at the Leipzig Spring Fair (March 04 – 09, 1947).

In the 30s

Color all over the world Representations or warehouses are maintained in the following cities: Alexandria, Amsterdam, Barranquillia, Barcelona, Bombay, Calcutta, Caracas, Dublin, Habana, Helsinki, Kaunas, Malmö, Nicosia, Oslo, Rangoon, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tallinn, Tehran, Tel-Aviv, Tokyo, Turin.

In the 20s

Inflation On 27.09.1923, the loan fee for a boiler is 32,479,000,000 marks. Paid on November 22, 1923 97,864,000,000 Marks. A residual debt of 64.95 gold marks remains. Foreign exchange problems A customer from Estonia offers on 07.12.1923 export butter at 300,- Estn. Mark/kg and smoked bacon at 200,- Estn. Mark/kg “duty free” as payment. For […]

At the beginning

Foundation On January 1, 1918, the companies “Zülch & Dr. Sckerl Farben- und Lackfarben” and “Deutsche Druckfarbenfabrik Zülch & Dr. Sckerl” were founded as oHG in Leipzig/Eutritzsch. First production recipe The first production recipe is for 180 kg of “Broncetinctur” for the company Carl Eckart, Fürth, with which business relations still exist today.